Instagram and Snapchat can use Samsung Galaxy S24’s native camera features

Social media apps tend to offer the convenience of their own camera tools, but in contrast, these are limited to a few shooting options. Understanding the pain point of our modern times, Samsung has teamed up with Instagram and Snap to up our social media game with brand new tools and integrated some handy native camera features into their apps. Galaxy S24 series smartphones – titanium frame S24 Ultra With a 200-megapixel primary shooter. In particular, you’ll be able to take advantage of Samsung’s Super HDR option, improved Night Shot power, and video stabilization in Instagram and Snapchat’s in-app cameras. The only caveat here is that for video stabilization, you must first enable it in the native camera settings.

Samsung’s partnership with Instagram deepens, offering improved editing, uploading and viewing experiences tailored to its devices. They also include the ability to create Instagram stories directly from moving photos. With Super HDR capabilities, the Galaxy S24 devices are also the first devices to get HDR photo support on Instagram – probably the first of many apps that will potentially support this live display format in the near future.

With him new AI capabilities With the Galaxy S24 series playing a big role in its camera systems, it’s no surprise that Samsung is pushing its camera integration to two popular social media platforms. Still, you’ll probably want to stick with the native camera software and editing tools for maximum versatility — especially when it comes to more AI tools like Motion Editing, Generative Editing (requires network connection), and Instantaneity. – slowly.”

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