Lenovo’s sci-fi see-through laptop, Nintendo versus emulators and more

We turned back, had to say goodbye and parted ways with some beauties colleagues folks, last week on Engadget. Since then, we’ve covered everything we spotted at MWC 2024, including some sci-fi-level concepts from Lenovo that may never make it to stores but might catch the attention of our discerning tech journalist. Meanwhile, Nintendo is once again hiring emulators and pirates in the courts. But this time may be decisive for the future of emulators. Reminder: Nintendo’s new console will be released in 2025. Next week, Engadget’s 20th Anniversary. We are older than YouTube!

This week:

💻🛸: Lenovo concept laptop looks like a Star Trek prop:

🏴‍☠️🎮: Nintendo is stepping up its fight against game piracy:

💃📞: Barbie phone debuts at MWC 2024

Read this:

I am writing reviews also! Final fantasy 7 rebirth re-introduces the characters and the world Do it again and it does a better job of scaling things up. Instead of playing in just one city, this time around the world. There’s also an extensive list of playable characters that almost doubles Do it againtotal. But there’s one big question: Does Aerith survive?

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