Fisker halts work on new EV models until it finds more money

after year of establishment, Fisker has finally begun production of the ambitious electric Ocean SUV in Austria. Company promised to start production By the end of 2022, so he’s about six weeks away from that goal.

If you didn’t pre-order your EV soon, you may still have a long wait before it reaches Oceana. Fisker will be gradually increase production. It plans to build more than 300 units in the first quarter of 2023, and more than 8,000 in the next quarter. The goal for Q3 is to produce more than 15,000 units. All told, Fisker expects to assemble about 42,400 units in 2023.

Two of the Ocean trims have been sold in the US for 2023, and the company has received more than 63,000 reservations in total. Based on the top-of-the-line Ocean Extreme, the limited-edition Ocean One trim requires a $5,000 deposit and sold out within 30 days earlier this year. Fisker will produce 5,000 units of the Ocean One before moving on to other variants.

Ocean inspects the SUV at Fisker's factory.Ocean inspects the SUV at Fisker's factory.

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Starting at $68,999, the Ocean Extreme can travel 350 miles on a single charge, according to Fisker. The SUV boasts what the company claims is the first digital radar system as a safety feature. The Ocean Extreme is powered by two 550 horsepower motors, all-wheel drive, and can accelerate this car from 0 to 100 mph in 3.6 seconds. It also includes three driving modes, a 17.1-inch rotating screen where you can play games, and a sunroof.

The base Ocean Sport retails for $37,499, while the mid-level Ocean Ultra will set you back $49,999. The sports car has a single 275 horsepower engine that can propel it from 0 to 100 mph in 6.6 seconds. The dual-motor Ultra has 540 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds.

Fisker claims the Ocean is the planet’s “most sustainable vehicle.” The SUV is assembled in a carbon-neutral factory. The vehicle also contains over 50 kg (110 lb) of recycled, biodegradable and overall environmentally friendly materials.

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