Apple Pencil Pro adds squeeze, roll and haptic feedback to its bag of tricks

Next to it its ranking of new iPadsApple revealed Pen that has been overhauled today. The Apple Pencil Pro has a new sensor on the barrel that detects your squeezes. This action can do things like open tool palettes so you don’t have to touch them manually with your free hand. Apple says you can also use the gesture to activate shortcuts or other actions. Additionally, haptic feedback lets you know when compression is received or when anything you’re moving is snapping into place. Apple has also added a roll gesture “for precise control” to the device you’re using, equipped with a new gyroscope.

The new Apple Pencil works with Find My, so you’ll have extra help when you lose it. As always, the new version still magnetically pairs, charges and stores on the iPad Pro. Apple says that developers can do their own thing with the new gestures, so you can expect to see customizations based on the iPad apps you use. The Apple Pencil Pro works with the new iPad Air in addition to the new iPad Pro, so you have plenty of Pencil options for a more affordable iPad.

Apple Pencil Pro It’s $129 and is available for pre-order today. Will ship next week.

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