You can now mark up your Google Docs with handwritten notes on Android devices

Google Docs is getting an annotation feature that lets you annotate your documents just like you would with pen and paper. With today update, announced at MWC 2024, Google Docs on Android devices lets users take notes, highlight text, and circle words to their heart’s content using a finger or stylus. Google says the feature will work on Android tablets and smartphones, so it has real potential to bring even more productivity to devices like foldable devices. It should also create a smoother way to sign digital documents.

Android users will get access to many pen colors and highlighters with the new annotation tool for Google Docs, which is good news for anyone who likes to color-code their notes. If the popularity of digital notebooks like reMarkable’s tablets or Amazon’s Kindle Scribe has taught us anything, it’s that no matter how fast typing is, many people still prefer to write by hand. The only thing missing from this update is the ability to convert handwriting to text, which allows for a wider range of typing tasks. Apple is a few steps ahead in this regard, offering this feature in several native iPad productivity apps, such as Pages and Numbers, for Apple Pencil users.

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