Can your robot lawnmower run Doom? This one can

Thought you’d seen the last of it? Torment working on random things? Think again. Landscape technology company Husqvarna on some of its robotic lawnmowers. That way, you can mistakenly mow the grass blades right before you mow them to harvest the infernospawn.

Here’s the deal. It will be available exclusively on the company’s Automower Nera robotic lawnmower models from April this year. After downloading, you play the game through the lawnmower’s on-board screen. Spinning the control button turns Doomguy left and right, and pressing the button forces you to shoot. Holding down the start button starts forward movement. this Torment. You know how to dig.

There are some caveats here. First of all, you need to register before September 9 to download the app. Husqvarna notwithstanding, it won’t be available to US residents. Selling more robotic lawnmowers in the US. Finally, this is a game that only works on the onboard screen. It’s like a reaper demon turns your yard into an actual level with unwanted greenery representing enemies. Still, always nice to see Torment continues to do his job.

The idea to make the shooter available to lawnmower enthusiasts came about after a successful trial at the attraction. held in Sweden last December. This is just the latest example Torment it appears where it shouldn’t be. We’ve seen FPS work and even within other games as sequels and most recently, Torment was observed it would take 600 years to reach the end at such a terrible frame rate.

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