Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth review: A whole new world

I’m not sure if that’s a good way to call the second part of a trilogy of games based on the original title. seventh in the series of games. But it is called Final fantasy 7 rebirth.

Rebirth takes the characters and the world Reintroduced with a remake and it does a better job of scaling things up. Instead of a single metropolis, Midgar, this time a world tour. There’s also an extensive roster of playable characters that’s almost doubled Remake’s total, each with a unique play style.

The expanded new world finally uses PS5 hardware. Rebirth it feels like a fantasy the world and Square Enix successfully combined exploration in Final Fantasy with rich, dense cities and towns, more like golden age RPGs. of course Final Fantasy XVI It gave me a world to explore, but not much. (Even if there are excuses to explain why.)

The Golden Saucer is a multi-story Disneyland with mages and chocobo characters decorated everywhere, theme park rides, travelers, holograms and shiny surfaces. Meanwhile, Cosmo Canyon is full of tourists and woo-woo hippies, and it looks like a century-old tree house. There’s even a hippie circle where you can share your truth. (Interestingly, the game has an Ayahuasca-type vision sequence that has nothing to do with Cosmo Canyon—it’s a bit of a waste.)

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth reviewFinal Fantasy 7 Rebirth review

The story of Rebirth follows protagonist Cloud and the rest of his party in pursuit of the antagonist Sephiroth, wreaking havoc along the way with the evil mega-corporation Shinra.

Cloud grows weaker and weaker as Sephiroth enters his mind. It’s a slightly different take on the original game, adding an extra layer on top of the missing memories and its unusual origins. In fact, in the second half Rebirth, not only is Cloud becoming more and more likeable, but I’m starting to dislike the rest of the party for not calling him out on his bad decisions and weird behavior. Childhood friend Tifa? You are an enabler. Unfortunately, my concerns about the main characters continue until the end.

The party jumps between cities, boards ships, or finds different breeds of giant reptiles that can cross mountains or shallow waters. It’s these areas outside of city centers where exploration, battles, and side quests take place. So many side quests.

Do it again there were some boring side quests – lots of quests that seemed to maximize play time. Rebirth suffers from that too – these aren’t Witcher-level side quests – and I think it’s exacerbated when you’re playing a game whose story beats you kind of know that you will feel distanced from them.

As you enter new regions, new points of interest will appear on your map. These can range from natural springs to artifact hunts (a mainstay of the iconic Final Fantasy series), including holographic battles, a new castle defense game, and card game that I was willing to spend a little more time.

There are also tons of items to pick up, which reminds everyone of the collection and crafting headaches of many current-gen games. Baldur’s Gate 3 for The horizon honestly… to most open world games. Fortunately, despite my fear, I don’t have to collect everything. The game provided enough items to craft the items I wanted through my normal exploration. Especially powerful accessories and items are usually locked behind an item that only the strongest monster in a certain area drops.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth reviewFinal Fantasy 7 Rebirth review

Square Enix

At least the lion’s share of side quests, games, and challenges are optional. If you’re not interested in finding your way to a rocky peak to defeat a monster, then you really don’t need to be. You can simply make a beeline for the next major objective and see where the story goes.

Rebirth it doesn’t answer all the questions you might have about the Remake trilogy. You will have to wait for the third part of the story and I don’t want to spoil the story for the fans who have been waiting decades for this project.

It occasionally flashes to an alternate timeline where most of the original party died in an accident, but Zack, another SOLDIER like the main character, Cloud, is still alive. His death in the original game was a major story blow, along with another: the death of key party member Aerith. Does she survive chapter 2? This will happen Final fantasy 7of The Empire Strikes Back? I can’t say, but there is one particularly satisfying final battle.

Some side quests caught my attention. Sometimes I got so distracted that I lost track of the story. Rebirth it also benefits from a rich collection of symbols Do it again and original, sometimes just to collect items helps to add interest to tasks.

I was happy to be distracted most of the time because the art direction and environment design was so beautiful. Everything looks bigger and better Do it again, no more two-dimensional wallpaper skies and horizons. From the top of Cosmo Canyon, you can still see fans of the Cosmo area to spot the birds in flight.

There were some questionable graphical textures during my experience, especially in the world, but Square Enix released a patch the day before this review embargo to fix most of that. While I’m not a pixel peeper or FPS obsessive, I did find Performance mode before the patch (FF7 Rebirth once again offering a high frame rate and high quality option to play with) a bit too blurry. Hopefully future updates fix this. Despite all that, it’s often the best-looking PS5 game since Horizon Forbidden West.

Once again, Square Enix has folded in a soundtrack full of new tunes and more remixes and reimaginings of seminal MIDI originals from 1997. My pick: The new Cosmo region world theme that screams Beck. Music reference since 1997.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth reviewFinal Fantasy 7 Rebirth review

Square Enix

This game is delightfully silly in places on purpose. He has a sense of humor that gets ridiculous like everyone else Like a dragon side query. Segways? Yes. Ninja clones of the most annoying character, yes, a cat dog riding a giant bird, yes.

What does the battle system get? Do it again introduces and adds future cooperative attacks and abilities. There are synergy skills, instant, free attacks, and defensive moves that connect your controlling character with party allies. Then there are synergistic abilities (completely different) that build on combat when you use your more typical attacks and spells. These are more like special attacks, often ensuring that you can defeat difficult enemies. Along with damage, they’ll offer a buff like faster attack stats, unlimited MP, or raising characters’ cap level to even more powerful finishing moves.

Final fantasy 7 rebirthFinal fantasy 7 rebirth

Square Enix

It seems, in the beginning, excessive, and I am someone who owns one A Cloud figurine in a $150 polygon dress. The whole system (including pressure and stuns, elemental weaknesses, status effects, buffs, debuffs, limit breaks, and the active time-of-battle (ATB) measurements you need to do anything meaningful with your players) is a lot.

Even if you come Do it againas i do Rebirth the battle system can be overwhelming at first. While the game introduces these new synergies in simpler one-on-one battles, it never provides a good enough explanation for using it in early battles. As I mentioned in my preview, there is a new air combat system, but aside from Cloud, I have no idea how to get the other characters airborne without tapping into their special synergy skills.

Fortunately, the combat system as a whole is fun, aside from the muddy learning curve. Once you understand the patterns and behaviors of certain bosses, it is extremely satisfying. I’ll admit it: I died a few times. But I have never been disappointed by it.

I really enjoyed the combat challenges Do it againand Rebirth it appears just shy of the hundreds spread across battle arenas, holodeck battles, and rare monsters in the wild. I’m already obsessed with the Queen’s Blood card game. The card games have their own side stories, but the best parts are the card ‘puzzles’ that you really have to figure out. How Try to win more unique cards.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth reviewFinal Fantasy 7 Rebirth review

Square Enix

Other highlights include a number of reworked minigames outside of Queen’s Blood. So that. Many. Mini games. There is a new Fort Condor castle defense game, bike riding battle Do it againholographic Super Punch-Out-style play, a Star Fox-style shoot-em-up – in fact, the Super Nintendo greatly inspired the game selection. rebirth’s Gold Saucer amusement park. There’s a lot to do, and while there are certainly repetitive elements, the game provides them for completists, not everyone.

I’ve completed all the side quests in two areas, I’ve played the game on the new dynamic difficulty setting, where enemies won’t level down as you play, but they will grow, meaning you’re not going to steamroll the game once you’ve grinded a few levels before. Of course, there is also the standard difficulty. If you haven’t played it, it’s sure to be a tough game Do it again. If you don’t have the original 1997 game, don’t worry: Rebirth giving die-hard fans and newcomers to follow them, plenty of easter eggs for the former if they pay attention.

Rebirth It is a difficult middle chapter. Do it again On PS4, it showed that it was possible to imagine a PlayStation game with deeper combat and beautiful graphics for the modern era, but perhaps FF7 isn’t strong enough to create a world. that’s it Rebirth seems to have succeeded. Looking back Do it again Now, set entirely in the city of Midgar, it seems claustrophobic in comparison.

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