NVIDIA is testing an app that unifies GeForce Experience and Control Panel

NVIDIA does allowing users to adjust GPU settings, install software, and fine-tune gameplay from the same place. Currently, you have to go into the dated Control Panel app and dive into some heavy menuing to do things like configure G-Sync. There’s also a completely separate “user-friendly” app called GeForce Experience for basic GPU tweaks, driver updates, and quick settings. So it puts two different things together.

The aptly named NVIDIA software is just a beta for now, but it seems to do a lot. You can use it to update, find and install drivers and do all sorts of GPU tweaks. To make things even simpler for PC gamers, you can use it to tweak both game settings and driver settings. It’s pretty much a one-stop shop.

There’s a redesigned in-game overlay for easier access to logging tools and performance monitoring. Overlay also allows you to apply various game filters, including Available for GeForce RTX users. The app is aimed entirely at those who shy away from the perceived complexity of PC gaming. You can even use it to redeem packs and rewards and access experimental features and new RTX capabilities.

Speaking of new RTX capabilities, the app lets users easily test out that new remix tool, which adds improved AI-optimized textures to older games. those mentioned Half Life 2 does thanks to this technology. The app will also gain access to a new feature called RTX Dynamic Vibrance, which improves visual clarity and improves upon the existing Digital Vibrance feature in the current Control Panel app.

NVIDIA to celebrate this beta release introduced a new Game Ready Driver for survival crafting game Nightingale. This driver optimizes the game with DLSS 3 and As for the beta, it is available for So go ahead and give it a shot.

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