‘Pokémon with guns’ satire Palworld sells over a million copies in eight hours

Palworld sold a million copies in eight hours, It was a game thanks to the unique “Pokémon with Weapons” premise, and it looks like it was definitely a success on release day.

In fact, it was so successful that the game under the stress of millions of weapon-wielding PokéMasters. The developer urges patience and says that he is “trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible!” The sheer number of downloads and concurrent players made this the biggest Steam release of the year so far,

These numbers are for Steam only. Early access version Palworld also launched on Game Pass, so the number of downloads may be higher than advertised since there are no Xbox Series X/S numbers. It seems like a lot of people have been hooking up for a while in everyone’s favorite pocket monsters.

Boy, this game is dark and gritty. Instead of releasing unwanted monsters called Pals into the wild, You can also sell your Pals into slavery, eat them, and of course fight them to the death. One of the game’s trailers Pal shows piles of corpses it is collected and stretched to the sky. The whole thing seems like a satirical riff on the nature of Pokémon, a game franchise where you force your very best friends to fight only to increase your own reputation.

Palworld it’s gotten pretty good reviews so far, and it’s an early access build, so the developers will likely improve the game in the coming months. In the meantime, you can Buy it on Steam for $27, until it returns to its normal price of $30. It’s also a one-day Game Pass release, so fire up your Xbox and give it a try. Just try to reduce the number of murders. Or not.

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