Google brings a version of Pixel’s ‘Hold for Me’ tool to more phones and desktop via Search

Waiting is a great way to hear over and over again, but otherwise it’s a total waste of time. Google solved the problem on its own first Through the “Keep Me” tool that will wait in line and notify you when an actual person picks up. Now there is a very similar feature

The aptly named “Talk to a Live Representative” will call the business on your behalf, navigate through various phone menus, wait on hold, and then notify you when a real person is ready to speak. It is currently available as an experimental feature of Search Labs and was originally discovered by a

It actually goes a bit further than the Pixel exclusive. “Speak to a Live Agent” is available on almost any phone and most computers, while “Hold for Me” is designed for It will also start the call first. Pixel owners should enable the “Save for me” feature after starting a call.

Here’s how it works. When you search for customer service numbers, you will see a request to “speak to a live representative”. After you tap on the survey, you will be directed to answer some questions about the purpose of the call. For example, you may want to update an airline booking or cancel a flight. The system will ask for your number and that’s it. You’ll receive SMS updates about wait times, and Google will call you when a service representative is on the line.

There are some caveats. This is an experimental feature, so it’s subject to bugs and doesn’t work for every customer service number out there. It currently works with airlines, telecommunications companies, major retail companies, insurance providers, postal carriers, and more. specialized in

“Speak with a Live Representative” is currently available through the company to US residents If you’re a Search Lab user, you can access the tool in the Google app for Android and iOS, as well as through Chrome on the desktop. The company hasn’t said when it will become more widespread.

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