Refurbished Sonos Era 300 speakers are $90 off in a rare deal

Sonos excluded its first surround-sound music speaker from its pre-release sales events last year, so listen up: The company is selling Refurbished units of Era 300 $359 or $91 less than retail. Yes, it’s not new, but Sonos’ repair program has a good track record. Right now, only the white Era 300s are available at a discount – the black version is sold out – but if you don’t mind the color, you’ll get three months of Apple Music free with your purchase.


Sonos is selling the updated Era 300 speakers for $91 off retail.

$359 at Sonos

we found Era 300 Being one of the best sounding speakers in our Sonos review. The model’s spatial audio experience can be hit or miss, with Atmos versions of songs sometimes sounding like they have too much reverb for vocals to get lost in the mix. But overall, it delivered excellent sound quality and can make songs shine by reproducing bass, vocals and instruments in great detail. This makes the songs rich, sharp and lively. In our review, we recommended against buying the Era 300 for surround sound alone, as the music library that supports the feature remains fairly small. That may change in the future, especially if Apple actually takes off rewards artists as they offer their music in spatial audio.

It’s worth noting that Sonos recommends pairing two Era 300 speakers for “mind-bogglingly realistic surround sound,” and getting the cheaper versions would make this a more affordable prospect. The model is pretty easy to set up anyway – just add the speaker to your Sonos app and then connect it to your music services of choice – so having two or more won’t be a problem. If you’re looking for something else, Sonos is it selling mostly refurbished devices on their website.

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