A piracy app outranked Netflix on the App Store before Apple pulled it

Last week, an app called Kimi curiously beat popular streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video on the App Store’s list of best free entertainment apps. Now, Apple has pulled the app… most likely because it gave users access to pirated movies. whom Wired reports that Kimi is disguised as an app that tests your eyesight by playing the difference in similar photos on the spot. In fact, it was nothing, and instead featured bootleg shows and movies, including recent blockbusters and award-winning movies.

However, its offerings varied in quality in a way familiar to those looking for shows and movies online before the advent of streaming services. A replica of Emma Stone’s Kim in the title role Poor Things It was apparently grainy and pixelated, and other movies available in high-definition copies had ads blocking the top of the screen. The app was incredibly easy to use: Viewers just had to download and launch it to start watching. It was similar to the now-defunct Popcorn Time service in that it made pirated movies as easy as watching Netflix. Popcorn time shut up for good in 2022.

Apple prides itself on privacy and security and makes sure the apps it makes available for download are on the up and up. When opened how will it fit With the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), for example, any alternative app store going onto the company’s platforms would have to have strict rules and moderation tools similar to its own, he said. However, Apple itself may begin to closely monitor the App Store. Viewers are venting their frustrations online about having to pay for too many streaming services to watch what they want, and it seems that more and more people are turning to piracy again.

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