Unsurprisingly, Zuck thinks the Quest 3 is a ‘better product’ than Apple’s Vision Pro

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said so posted a review of Apple Vision Pro Instagram reminds us that the competition between the two companies has deepened with the introduction of the latter’s mixed reality headset. in a video shot with Meta Quest 3, Zuckerberg didn’t mince words when pitting the Vision Pro against his company’s device. He said he initially expected the Quest to be a better value for most people because it’s “seven times cheaper” than the $3,500 Vision Pro. However, after testing a competitor’s product, he concluded that Quest was a “better product, period.”

He added that Quest is “better for the vast majority of things that people use mixed reality for.” Zuckerberg said he thinks the Quest is “more convenient” because Meta designed it to be lightweight and portable, so people can use it while commuting or even hanging out with friends. He found the Quest’s field of view to be wider and its screen brighter than the Vision Pro’s, and he also found the Meta to display sharper visuals when nodding while wearing the headset. According to him, the Apple device has motion blur.

Zuckerberg acknowledged that the Vision Pro has a higher-resolution screen, but he also criticized Apple for the “tradeoffs” it had to make for the device’s comfort and ergonomics. While the Quest’s controllers are “a bit more precise,” he admits that Apple’s eye-tracking system is “really nice.” Meta seems to have used the Vision Pro’s sensors for the Quest Pro, but removed them for the Quest 3. The company plans to bring them back in the future. Of course, Zuckerberg took the opportunity to talk about the Quest’s larger library and highlight that the Quest has access to YouTube and Xbox apps, unlike the Vision Pro. Zuckerberg concluded his analysis by talking about open and closed models for each generation of computing, and how he wants to make sure that Meta technology “wins” as Microsoft has done in the past, as an open model for this generation.

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