Sony predicts it’ll sell fewer PS5s than first thought

There is Sony was lowered its PlayStation 5 sales forecast for fiscal year 2023 is significantly higher and now expects to sell 21 million units. previous the forecast is 25 mln. This despite having a record quarterly revenue and selling 8.2 million PS5s during the holiday season. So far this fiscal year, Sony has sold 16.4 million consoles, bringing its total to 54.8 million. (The company sold 19.1 million PS5s in fiscal 2022.)

Sony announced in December that it has It sold 50 million PS5s for three years, until December 9, 2023. That’s just a week longer than it took PS4 to reach the same figure, and the latter was not hampered by supply chain issues and a worldwide pandemic.

Revenue was up 16 percent from the same quarter last year, thanks in part to improved sales of non-first-party titles. However, operating income declined significantly (26 percent) due to lower first-party sales and hardware losses due to promotions. In other words, PS5 sales are not meeting the company’s expectations despite the discounts.

Sony has seen higher sales in all three quarters of this year than last year. That may not continue this year, as it forecast sales of just 4.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2023 (February to April), down from 6.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2022.

In terms of new first-part games, Sony has mentioned this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Since its release in October 2023 (as of February 4), it has sold 10 million units.

Almost all other Sony divisions posted higher revenue, including Imaging and Sensor Solutions (which makes sensors for the iPhone and many other devices), along with Photos and Music. That resulted in a record 3.75 trillion yen ($24.9 billion) for the third quarter, compared with 3.08 trillion yen ($20.5 billion) a year ago.

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