Hideo Kojima teases a new action-espionage game for PlayStation

Hideo Kojima is a busy, busy man. Only he is not there Death Stranding 2, a movie based on the first game and an Xbox horror title OD on his plate, he’s developing a brand new game for the PlayStation. It’s going back to its roots, as it’s a code-named action-espionage title PHYSINT.

Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, said this today’s Status Play stream that the project is in a genre Kojima has been encouraged to “reinvent for years.” Kojima, of course, found fame as the creator of the Metal Gear series. However, this upcoming endeavor will not be a Metal Gear Solid game. Kojima says it will be a “new, original IP.”

according to Kojima Productionsthe game will “feature advanced technology and a stellar cast to deliver an experience like no other. Blurring the lines between movies and games, offering a new approach to vibrant graphics and interactive entertainment.”

Kojima Productions has begun early work on the project, but won’t go into full production until the team is finished Death Stranding 2: On the Beachit is planned to arrive next year. Kojima hinted that this could be a transmedia project, noting that Sony makes music and movies. He added that after four decades of working in games, he was confident that “this title will be the culmination of my work.”

It’ll likely be a few years before we find out what he means by that, but fans will likely have two more games to enjoy/bewilder the author. (Seriously, the latest Death Stranding 2 trailer something else.)

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