Dave the Diver is bringing Godzilla with him to PS5

Diving Dave Coming to PS5 and PS4. 2023’s hit wins Indie Game of the Year at The Game Awards — expanding the definition of “indie”. – and included in Engadget The best games of 2023. It’s coming to Sony’s consoles in April, with the Godzilla crossover DLC following in May (of course, why not!).

The game has you exploring a huge underwater world full of secrets during the day and managing a sushi restaurant at night. whom By Lawrence Bonk of Engadget“The daytime adventures are kind of like an underwater Metroidvania, while the nighttime restaurant management is a combination of a Kairosoft sim and an arcade classic. Tapper.” It doesn’t sound like it would work, but it does.

Diving Dave It launched on PC in June and came to Switch in late October.

Sony introduces the game’s DualSense support. “The controller’s haptics provide a realistic feel of a hooked fish pulling the line,” the company said he wrote in the announcement blog post. “Adaptive triggers react differently depending on the weapon you’re using, making the fighting and fishing experience even more engaging.”

As for the Godzilla DLC, we don’t know much other than that it will introduce “even greater dangers lurking in the depths as you prepare to meet the King of Monsters in the Blue Hole.”

you can watch the trailer for Diving Dave Take a look at Godzilla below, including near the end, on PlayStation.

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