On the Beach’ looks even more baffling than the original game

As expected, the PlayStation State of Play was revealed today a recent in-depth review in the form of a rather creepy and cinematic preview by popular developer Hideo Kojima Death Stranding 2: On the Beach. Sam, played by Norman Reedus, returns in a trailer that makes little sense if you haven’t played the first game — and even if you have, the contents of this preview might not make a ton of sense. Rest assured, you’ll still be running through some wildly impressive scenery with your giant yellow backpack.

But it looks like you won’t actually have to run to deliver something, because bots can do that in this world. The real surprise is when Sam gets caught and runs into his brother, played by the ubiquitous Troy Baker… who pulls out a guitar/gun and starts ripping some enemies apart to capture them? Of course. It’ll be a while before we see what this all means, as it won’t arrive until 2025.

At the end of the stream, Kojima revealed an entirely new project in the works, though it won’t go into full production until now. Death Stranding 2 is complete.

Correction, 1/31/24, 6:00 PM ET: This post originally reported that this was our first look Death Stranding 2. We’ve updated it so this is our first in-depth look at the game as it is first announced In December 2022.

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