Newegg just started selling refurbished electronics

Budget electronics retailer Newegg just launched software for selling refurbished gadgets. The aptly named Newegg Refreshed promises to offer “the best premium products at competitive prices.”

The service is now live and available across multiple product categories, from Apple products like iPhones and MacBooks to GPUs and even robotic vacuum cleaners. The program also includes laptops, gaming desktops, monitors, and all types of smartphones and tablets. Newegg has teamed up with “industry-leading repair partners” like CTS Warehouse and Back in the Box to provide the stock.

The company says each product is professionally inspected, tested and cleaned before being put back on the digital store shelf. Newegg also offers a warranty on all refurbished products, giving customers 90 days to return the product.

Newegg’s pre-existing graphics card trade-in program has also joined the service. For the uninitiated, the company offers credit on new GPUs by trading in old ones, and gives customers a 14-day window to mail in a new chip. This gives people time to test the new GPU before sending them back to the old one. These traded-in graphics cards will then be moved to Newegg Refreshed to be resold.

To celebrate the program’s launch, Newegg is offering customers 15 percent off refurbished Apple products (up to $150), though you’ll have to use them. “Buy now, pay later” service Zip and use promo code “rezip”. This offer ends on February 28th.

Newegg touts the environmental benefits of choosing refurbished products as it reduces waste. With that in mind, this program is part of a larger industry push toward sustainability. This push includes selling refurbished items as well the right to repair the action.

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