eBay is laying off 9 percent of its workforce

The latest tech giant to be affected by the economy is eBay announced earlier today, it is reducing its workforce by about 1,000 roles. That apparently equates to about 9 percent of the company’s full-time workforce. US employees are being asked to work from home on January 24, and those affected will be notified “shortly.” Different Controversy and Riot Games, though eBay’s post stopped short of sharing layoff or benefit details. The company also plans to reduce the number of contractors in the coming months.

It’s the same as eBay’s scale of influence Unity and Google As of earlier this month, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture technological scene In early 2024. Like its peers, eBay blamed the layoff cycle on hiring too many people in recent years. “While we have made progress against our strategy, our total headcount and expenses have outpaced our business growth,” president and CEO Jamie Iannone said in a memo. Hopefully LinkedIn is new A categorization tool powered by artificial intelligence it will be useful for those who need it.

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