NVIDIA’s RTX Remix tool is finally available as a free open beta

If you love old PC games but wish they were packed with modern graphics, NVIDIA has you covered. Company from the long-awaited RTX Remix tool. This is the program and can be used to add ray tracing and AI-enhanced textures to older games.

Remix is ​​built on NVIDIA and allows end-to-end remastering of almost any DirectX 8 or 9 game. It consists of two main components. There is a program for creating new lighting scenarios and a program for rebuilding and adding assets to the scene. The company says that while the tool is “only” a beta, it can be used to completely remake a game from start to finish.

To that end, the software is currently available for download, and NVIDIA hopes that moderators will experiment with the tool and provide feedback that will be included in future updates. And it’s free, which is always nice.

NVIDIA published a non-comprehensive publication includes such classics as Call of Duty 2, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Garry’s Mod, Freedom Fighters, Need for Speed ​​​​Underground 2 and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, among others. For more information on eligibility,

The software suite has already been used to create by NVIDIA free DLC and made by a modder Portal: Prelude RTX. There is also Orbifold Studios Half-Life 2 RTX: The RTX Remix Project, is a community-driven remaster of this iconic title.

Still, it’s a free tool, so it’ll be fun to see what the modding community makes with it. I personally look forward to more ray tracing goodness.

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