All-time dumpster fire The Day Before shuts down after 46 days

The previous day no more. A spectacular train wreck of a game that sees developer Fntastic announces that it is closed shut down its servers completely on Monday, just four days after its launch, reports IGN. Publisher Mytona has removed all references to the much-hyped Steam Early Access title from its website.

To remind you of the timing, the $40 game suddenly launched on December 7th on Fntastic he said it was shutting down on December 11th, and Mytona shut down the game’s servers on January 22nd. In an official statement from Fntastic after the studio was shut down, “Unfortunately, The previous day has failed financially and we lack the funds to continue.”

Allegedly, a message from Fntastic CEO Eduard Gotovstev placed On December 11, it claimed that over 200,000 copies of the game had been sold on Russian social channels. At the time, the title garnered 81 percent negative feedback on Steam, and nearly half of buyers requested refunds.

Advertising screenshot from the defunct game The Day Before.  A player in military uniform patrols a barren city.Advertising screenshot from the defunct game The Day Before.  A player in military uniform patrols a barren city.

Fntastic / Mytona

In December, Engadget’s Richard Lai wrote that as for how it played when it was available, users criticized its “bugs, lack of originality, and purposefully slow gameplay progressions”. Gameplay videos Posted on the Internet, it showed players traipsing through an empty city.

In the meantime, IGN‘s Gabriel Moss had the misfortune of reviewing the barely played fiasco, giving rare is 1/10 points. “The previous day It’s not an MMO or even an open world, despite its developer’s claims that it will be both of those things,” Moss wrote. “It’s basically a shooter with only one objective: run around a mostly empty town, pick up some loot, and get to one of the extraction points before you die.”

Fntastic said in December that it was working with Valve to allow refunds for anyone who requested a refund, even if they had played for more than two hours. You can request a refund through navigation Steam Help > Purchases > The previous day, then “What problem are you having with this product?” under select the reason (probably “Game or technical issue”). opened.

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