Disney+ is also cracking down on password sharing

Say goodbye to your best friend’s neighbor’s great aunt’s Disney+ account. Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, said about it interview with CNBC The streamer is stopping password sharing worldwide this summer. The company applied the same restrictions Canadian subscribers last fall.

The move comes as no surprise, as Disney CFO Hugh Johnston shared the plan during an earnings call in February. “Paid sharing is an opportunity for us. It’s an opportunity that our competitor is clearly taking advantage of and sitting right in front of us. We have some opportunities. very specific measures we’ll be getting in the next few months.” Owned by Disney Hulu has launched its own crackdown on March 14 about password sharing, and both broadcasters’ terms of service expressly prohibit people from using other customers’ login information (although its latest announcement suggests that Disney is indeed willing to enforce it).

The following broadcasters restrict password sharing and it seems to work for them, not for us. According to the Antenna Analytics Company, Netflix’s US sign-ups are up In the first four days after the rule went into effect, 102 percent compared to 60 days earlier. There were an average of 73,000 new registrations per day, well ahead of cancellations. Max will also begin limiting sharing this year, before phasing it out entirely in 2025.

Disney+ will begin rolling out in some countries in June and expand to a second wave in September. It’s not yet clear which group the US is in, but Disney will likely provide information as the dates get closer. Disney+ currently costs $8 monthly with ads and $14 per month for ad-free viewing.

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