Tesla halves the price of its Full Self Driving (Supervised) subscription to $99 per month

The price of a monthly subscription to Tesla’s (sort of) self-driving software has just been cut in half. Tesla’s Full Self Driving (Supervised) subscription now costs $99 per month, down from the previous standard of $199.

Tesla introduced a $199 monthly upgrade fee in 2021 when its self-driving system was still in beta. He It costs $12,000 At current rates, it would take 10 years for the subscription to depreciate to add Full Self-Driving (Controlled) — the full name, every time — directly to Tesla. As far as payment plans go, this seems like a solid deal. To be fair, so was the $199 rate it gave (on its own) drivers five years before it hit the $12,000 fee.

Tesla is doing everything it can to make its EVs (and its stock) more attractive difficult financial quarter For the first time since 2020, Tesla EV deliveries fell year-over-year and were down significantly from the previous quarter. In the first months of 2024, Tesla deliveries fell by eight percent year-over-year, and in the last quarter of 2023 by 20 percent. Analysts expected Tesla to ship 449,080 EVs in the first quarter of 2024, but it delivered just 386,810 units.

The company offered Tesla drivers a free trial of Full Self Driving (Supervised), which does not make the car autonomous, at the end of 2023, apparently in an attempt to boost revenue before the report is due. whom March 2024, Tesla dealers in North America are required to demonstrate Full Self-Driving (supervised) to anyone purchasing a vehicle. On April 1, the prices of all Model Y cars also increased by $1,000.

He did not share shipping numbers for Tesla Cyber ​​truck, started rolling out late last year. The company is preparing to launch “new generation low price“EV in 2025. Maybe.

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