Call of Duty’s latest anti-cheat tactic is simply shutting down the game

targeted cheats have been full of novel and often hilarious ways over the past few years so they hit the ground War zone straight up . The latest tactic targets those who use illegal means to enable pointing assistance while playing with a mouse and keyboard.

Anti-cheat team Ricochet says that when its security detection systems detect such players, the Call of Duty app will simply shut itself down. There are no clever tricks from elsewhere in the match. The game will simply close. Ricochet Group, “Re-use of these tools may lead to further account activity” . In other words, Activision will likely suspend or permanently ban persistent offenders.

As always, the idea behind this tactic is to level the playing field for everyone. Aim assist is a feature designed primarily to compensate for the higher accuracy provided by a mouse for console or controller players. While this latest attempt to discourage bad actors doesn’t solve all of Call of Duty’s cheating problems (wall hacks still seem to be an issue), changing the habits of annoying cheaters remains a very funny strategy by Activision.

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