LG just opened its first EV charger manufacturing plant in the US

LG is already one of the most productive There are EV battery makers in the US, but it also wants to build the devices that charge them. The company is just opened It opened its first EV charger manufacturing facility in the US, a 59,000-square-foot plant in Fort Worth, Texas, capable of producing 10,000 units per year.

The company has already started assembling 11 kW home chargers there and will begin production of 175 kW fast chargers in the first half of 2024. It plans to install 350kW of ultra-fast chargers sometime this year for “commercial travel and long distances”. transport”, LG wrote.

The Korean company said it chose Texas because it has existing capabilities and that the state “offers excellent logistics and transportation networks and is home to key operations for companies ranging from automotive manufacturing to finance” (GM, Toyota and Tesla all have car assembly plants in the state).

LG's current 100kW HiEV fast chargerLG's current 100kW HiEV fast charger


LG said it is determined to strengthen its EV charger business in Asia and Europe as well. The company entered the game just two years ago with two partners. to gain A South Korean EV battery charger business called AppleMango (since renamed HiEV).

LG said at the time that the acquisition would allow it to “create synergies” with its EV battery business, along with products such as energy storage and energy management systems. The company is also able to take advantage of the display experience by combining the chargers with outdoor digital display units that are “rugged, dust and water resistant”.

The move also allows LG to take advantage of the US push to build more public electric chargers. Currently, there are 169,741 charging ports (either fast DC or Level 2) in 65,113 stations across the country. Joint Energy and Transportation Administration. However, that’s at least what the Biden administration wants 500,000 public chargers by 2030. Jand Ik-hwan, president of LG Business Solution, said, “By establishing our electric charging plant in Texas, we will be able to actively respond to the rapidly growing demand for EV infrastructure in the United States.”

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