FedEx is building its own all-in-one ecommerce platform

FedEx plans to launch an e-commerce platform called “fdx” later this year. Shipping company Sunday’s move describes fdx as an online shopping center that aims to provide solutions for everything from reaching potential customers to order fulfillment and returns. The voices are… familiar. FedEx said it is targeting fall 2024 for an official launch.

Details are scarce so far, but fdx is billed as a “data-driven” platform that will use FedEx’s data to optimize every part of the buying and selling process. From launch, sellers on fdx will have access to their existing network of customers on the FedEx-owned ShopRunner e-commerce site and will be able to see delivery estimates for products as customers browse and add items to their carts. before the inspection. Help vendors make supply chain decisions, optimal shipping routes, and more. reports on carbon emissions will be presented.

FedEx calls fdx a “first-of-its-kind” platform, which is certainly a stretch, but we’ll soon find out if it really has anything uniquely compelling to offer. If FedEx wants to get people out of Amazon’s stranglehold, it needs to.

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