The Pebble Flow is an all-electric trailer for the EV age

The way we travel should also change with the transition to electric vehicles. And the horse CES 2024 Las Vegas, the Gravel flow It provides an idea of ​​how an RV designed for the EV age should work.

The 25-foot-long Pebble Flow is designed for a family of four. Interior space is about 150 square feet, though unlike some of its competitors, there are no drop-down compartments to expand its size. Powering everything is a 45 kWh LFP battery and a 1 kW solar panel that provides enough juice to run the RV for about a week. And in addition to supporting DC fast charging up to Level 3 (charging from 0 to 80 percent takes about an hour), the Pebble Flow also offers a car-charging feature that lets you power other devices, charge your EV. , even keep the lights on in your home during an outage.

Even more impressive, if you opt for its optional dual-motor Magic Pack, the Pebble Flow turns into a self-driving RV thanks to the NVIDIA Drive Orin SoC, which can park itself and even stop automatically. . The moving part is a big deal, as towing something with an EV has a big impact on range, depending on the load. You can go only 100 miles or less, with a typical range for an EV of 250 to 300 miles. But with the Pebble Flow’s dual motor, there’s less of a downside, allowing it to travel 200 miles or more before recharging.

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