Current Backyard’s electric smart grills bring outdoor cooking to more places

Great for gas, coal and pellets take your meals outdoors, but many people live in apartments and other places where open flames are not allowed. Horse CES 2024Current Yard two all-electric grills debuted can be used in these places because the heating element for both is not much different from a stove or oven. As grilling moves into the modern age, these are both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected, so you can monitor progress and adjust the temperature from the comfort of your favorite chair.

WC Bradley Co., parent company of established grill brands such as Current, Char-Broil, Oklahoma Joe’s and Pit Boss. is a startup backed by Thus, an electric fryer has the backing of an organization with decades of backyard experience. The first two grilles from Current, both called the Model G, have a similar design and can be customized with additional storage either at purchase or at any time thereafter. Although they look almost identical except for the front-mounted display, they are designed for two different types of food.

“Electric grills have been around for a long time [and] they don’t have performance,” explained Current Backyard CEO Tom Penner. “It’s an infrared cooking system that uses technology to both control electricity and adjust the system to understand the cooking environment.”

The Model G Dual-Zone Electric Grill features a split cooking surface that allows you to set two different temperatures as needed. Current says it’s the only full-size 110-volt electric grill on the market that can hit a maximum temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the grill’s design, the company promises less ignition than gas grills, partly because there is no open flame. He also explained that thanks to the infrared burners, you don’t have to empty the pan of burning oil very often during cooking. In case of excessive accumulation, the SmartClean mode can be activated either on the grill or in the company’s application.

To meet the flat top trend, the Model G Electric Griddle can reach 600 degrees. In fact, Current says it heats up faster and hotter than any other electric grill in its category. The Model G is also larger than the competition. The automatic seasoning function helps keep the cooking area ready for cooking, and the grill’s cooking system keeps the temperature constant.

“It’s a smart grill that we’ve assembled to run software and algorithms separately to maintain an even surface temperature,” Penner said. “And whether you open or close your lid, it’s always adjustable.”

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