Awesome Games Done Quick 2024 raises $2.5 million for cancer research

Great Games Gone Too Soon (AGDQ) was completed after 2024 weeks of non-stop fast running marathons. This year, the charity fund raised more than 2.5 million dollars Cancer Prevention Foundation. Other highlights include four broken world records and a dog named Peanut Butter beating a quirky NES classic. Gyromit.

This year’s AGDQ, held in Pittsburgh, passed the million dollar mark early in the fifth day. Notable games include a a no-hitter of Resident Evil 2 (2019), Super mario 64 completely finished on an electric drum kit (in 23 minutes!), and blindfolded four player / one controller run of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Among the world records broken in this year’s race, speed runner Glitchcat7 had a tough finish Super Mario World mod Luminescent 41 minutes, 36 seconds. Talia finished Celeste mod Strawberry jam 49 minutes, 13 seconds. Mechalink beat the Sega Saturn game Virtual Hydlide 27 minutes and 11 seconds. Finally, Bobbeigh has conquered the spiritual successor to Castlevania Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night — in hard mode — for 30 minutes and 24 seconds.

A conference room full of gamers and speed runners playing and watching games on various computer monitors.A conference room full of gamers and speed runners playing and watching games on various computer monitors.

Games Over Soon / Ivan “Porkchop44”

Peanut Butter Shiba Inu made history as the first dog-assisted sprinter in one of the charity events. A well-trained dog helped its owner (JSR_) finish the 1985 NES game Gyromit 26 minutes and 24 seconds. He responded to timely commands, pressing his paws on the floor pedal controller to move the game’s red and green tubes up and down to lead Professor Hector to safety. (He was compensated with ham and cheese for his work.) You can watch Peanut Butter’s memorable run below.

This year’s AGDQ boosted Games Done Quick fundraising totals dating back 14 years to more than $48.9 million. In addition to the Cancer Prevention Foundation, he raised money for organizations such as window dressing Doctors Without Borders, Malala Foundation, Autism Research Foundation and CARE. The next marathon will be the online all-women’s sprint race called Frost Fatales from March 3rd to 10th. National Women’s Law Center.

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