Audible reportedly lays off over 100 employees

If you think about it Big Tech’s year of dreaded layoffs It will be limited to 2023, (unfortunately) you are wrong. Audible laid off about five percent of its employees on Thursday Diversity reports “More than 100 employees.” The cuts at the audiobook division are part of parent company Amazon’s latest round of cuts, along with Prime Video, MGM and Twitch.

“We didn’t take this route without much thought,” Audible CEO Bob Carrigan said in an audio memo to employees. “But becoming leaner and more efficient is how we must operate now and for the foreseeable future to continue to deliver best-in-class audio storytelling to our customers around the world.”

For those keeping score, “leaner and more efficient” echoes in many tongues recent Big Tech layoff announcements. “In these uncertain times…” variants have also become popular.

Carrigan ironically began talking about Audible’s strong performance last year. “I want to celebrate the strong year we’ve had in 2023, where we’ve delivered amazing listening experiences to our customers thanks to outstanding collaborations with creators and partners,” he said. “Our business is in good shape and it’s because of the hard work of each and every one of you.”

The CEO praised how much the company values ​​its employees. “A big part of what makes working at Audible so special are the many talented and dedicated employees who bring their passion to work every day. And this is what makes it even more difficult to say goodbye to the people we value.” “I understand the impact this has on those of you who have moved away from Audible, as well as the rest of you. We thank everyone who left us for their valuable contributions.”

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