Netflix won’t launch an app for the Apple Vision Pro, at least right now

When Apple announced Vision Pro headset, it has canceled a number of streaming services with exclusive apps for the device, including Disney+, Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount+. He’s putting a lot of emphasis on the headset’s entertainment features, and he’s likely hoping they can help convince early buyers to take the plunge. But one name was conspicuously absent from the list of streaming apps coming to the platform, and it’s the biggest of them all: Netflix. now, Bloomberg It says that Netflix currently has no plans to release a dedicated app for Vision Pro.

“Our members will be able to enjoy Netflix in a web browser on Vision Pro just as they can enjoy Netflix on Macs,” the company said. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said in a statement. As Gurman points out, the Vision Pro will be able to run iPad apps built for the headset’s visionOS system, in addition to apps designed specifically for the platform. This means that Netflix doesn’t even modify the iPad app to work on Vision Pro, and users won’t be able to use features like offline viewing that they use on mobile devices.

In comparison, Disney+ has gone all out and even gives users access to immersive environments, including one based on Avengers Tower, which can serve as a backdrop for their shows. Basically else Bloomberg report As of 2023, Netflix didn’t really have plans to make an app for the headset. It’s not clear why this is, but the company may have chosen to wait and see if Vision Pro can reach a certain level of popularity before devoting resources to developing an app for it. If so, the device may have a dedicated Netflix app in the future, but early adopters will have to make do with watching the service’s shows in a browser.

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