You can now get AI Judy Garland or James Dean to read you the news

I love an account on X (formerly Twitter) called @LizaMinnelliOutlives (not run by the icon herself) that lists things like celebrity deaths or deals. The real Liza Minnelli is no longer living more than her late mother Judy Garland’s new lyrics. Actress and singer ElevenLabsAI startup with cloning services, permission to recreate his mother’s voice for new ones Reader Software. Garland joins James Dean, Burt Reynolds and Sir Laurence Olivier as late stars whose AI voices are in the “Iconic Voice Collection” thanks to deals with their estates for undisclosed sums.

The voices will only be available in the Reader App, and people can use them to narrate the e-book. “It’s exciting to see our mother’s voice available to the countless millions who loved her,” said Minnelli, representative of the Garland Estate. “Through the great new technology offered by ElevenLabsour family believes it will bring new fans to Ana and will be exciting to those who already appreciate the unparalleled legacy that Ana gave and continues to give to the world.” Sample Garland reading The Wizard of Oz Appears on ElevenLab Promotional video on YouTube — Personally, I find it a bit scary, but I see the appeal.

ElevenLabs has released the Reader App By the end of June, it will allow users to hear any text on their phones, including messages, PDFs and news articles. It is currently only available in English for iOS users in the US, UK and Canada. However, ElevenLabs has one Waiting list for Android users and claims it will be available on the Google Play store “in the coming weeks.” The company also says that it is working on making the app available in every language supported by its Multilingual model (currently 29) and will roll it out globally later.

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