Bluesky ‘starter packs’ help new users find their way

One of the hardest parts of joining a new social platform is finding relevant accounts to follow. It proved For people leaving X to try one of the many Twitter-like services that have popped up in the last few years. Now Bluesky has come up with an interesting solution to this dilemma. The service introduced “starter packs” intended to solve that initial discovery problem by allowing existing users to create lists of accounts and custom feeds focused on specific interests or topics.

In blog post, the company described the feature as a way to “bring friends right into your slice of Bluesky.” Users can convert up to 50 accounts and three custom feeds into a “starter pack.” This list can then be shared widely on Bluesky or sent to new users via QR code. Other users can then choose to follow the entire “pack” at once, or swipe to manually add the accounts and feeds they want to follow.

Bluesky starter pack.Bluesky starter pack.

Blue sky

While Bluesky seems to be pitching this feature as a tool for new users, it’s useful for anyone who feels like their feed is getting a little stale or is interested in one of the many subcultures emerging on the platform. I’ve been with Bluesky for over a year now and have already found some interesting starter packs including (for people interested in news content) and (for accounts that post cat pictures).

The starter packs also highlight one of Bluesky’s more interesting features: . The open-source service allows users to create their own algorithmic feeds that others can subscribe to and follow, a bit like a list on X. The special tapes were introduced last year and have also been an important discovery tool. But scrolling through a huge list of custom feeds can be overwhelming. Although combining these feeds with curated lists of users is an easier way to find those related to the topics you really care about.

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