The Apple Watch Series 9 is on sale for $299 today only

Apple’s latest smartwatch, the Series 9, is back at a record low price in a one-day-only sale at Best Buy. 41 mm Normally sold for $399, the GPS model is only $299 today. The larger version, the 45mm, is on sale for $100 off, bringing it down to $329. The deal for both sizes comes in multiple colors, so you can get the watch with a sport band or nylon sport loop in Silver, Light Pink, Starlight, Midnight or (Product) Red.

Photo: Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Apple Watch Series 9 has added some new features for more convenient interaction with your smartwatch. This includes Double Tap, a control option that doesn’t require you to touch the screen at all — just tap your thumb and index finger twice with the hand on the same arm as your watch, and it’ll move. performs the specified action. You can use it to pause or pause your music, for example.

Series 9 scored a goal , excels as always in tracking health and fitness among other tasks. It also tops our list you can buy this year. Apple also introduced in-device Siri for the Apple Watch with the Series 9, which means the assistant can work when you’re offline or don’t have your phone with you. Apple also says it’s improved the Raise to Talk feature with the Series 9 to more effectively wake Siri without voice commands. All this is possible thanks to its new S9 system (SiP).

You won’t get blood oxygen monitoring with the Series 9, although the feature was originally among its offerings. Apple pulled the feature last month after a patent dispute. Still, the Series 9 is a solid device that offers everything you could need or want in a smartwatch.

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