This Shark AI Ultra robot vacuum is half off right now

Summer always brings extra dirt and mess into the house, but between the heat and the many daily activities, I know the last thing I want to do is vacuum. Although robotic vacuum cleaners can be quite expensive, currently Shark AI Ultra Voice Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Matrix Clean Navigation Amazon reduced its price from $599 to $300 with a half discount. This is our version of one cute robot vacuum cleanersthe Shark RV2502AE AI Ultra – which also sells for $599. It’s currently marked down to $360, a 40 percent discount.


Shark’s AI Ultra Voice Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Matrix Clean Navigation is a great option if you’re looking for one. robovac it offers a little bit of everything. As the name suggests, it offers features like voice control that lets you start or schedule cleaning Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It also uses Matrix Clean to create a precise mesh, ensuring it touches every corner of your home. Plus, its 360 LiDAR vision allows it to avoid any object in its path, so it can keep going even if you don’t have to worry about messing up.

The vacuum empties itself into a 60-day capacity base for dirt and debris (and the sale actually makes it cheaper than the 45-day option). The Shark is also adept at picking up pet hair thanks to its powerful suction and self-cleaning brush roll.

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