Is the M3 MacBook Air any good?

Engadget’s resident laptop expert Devindra Hardavar said about it . Both are fantastic machines in principle, but they likely lack some of the cool factor that the M2 Airs had when it debuted in 2022. After all, the M2 heralded a new industrial design and better internals, while the M3 is more of an iterative update. . Think of it like the iPhone S years, when a dramatic redesign (like the iPhone 4) was followed the next year by a slimmer model (the 4S).

As a result, reviewing the M3 is an exercise in spotting minor differences, such as faster Wi-Fi (6E), a brighter screen and faster processing speed. The comparison found both machines ahead of the M2, but you probably wouldn’t notice if you were using this machine casually. And Devindra clearly enjoys managing the games Death Stranding in a fanless ultraportable. You can and should read on to find out if the M3 is a must-buy.

– Dan Cooper

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Great for video, less ideal for everything else.

An image of a black Sony A6700 in a black manual against a blurred background with an orange flash.An image of a black Sony A6700 in a black manual against a blurred background with an orange flash.

Steve Dent for Engadget

Used by Steve Dent who knows more about cameras than I do . He’s never been much of a fan of Sony’s 6000 series models, and in his opinion, they’re not as beautiful or usable as the Fujifilm alternatives. The A6700 is an attempt to remedy this situation, and Steve says it’s a better camera than its predecessor. But is it good enough to want to use as a daily driver? You’ll have to read to find out.

Can the US government withstand a stan army?

The geopolitical quagmire surrounding TikTok is unstoppable, prompting the platform to use its secret weapon: the Stan Army. . It’s a way to get attention, but it might not endear the company to US lawmakers if it can so easily get millions of people suddenly interested in researching the political process.

The loser will probably be humanity itself.

Netflix is ​​becoming what it wants to destroy. It’s been entering the live streaming space for a while now, and it announced it yesterday . Given the high-profile nature of the participants and the likely desire to see people get punched in the face, one or both of them, it must be a massive event. This will be the toughest test yet of Netflix’s ability to use the internet to deliver millions of live TV streams simultaneously.

At least at the time it elevated the EV world in many ways.

In the green star landscape In the green star landscape

Koren Shadmi for Engadget

Engadget is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a series of articles looking at the biggest changes in the tech world during that time. In today’s spotlight to talk about the wonderful Tim Stevens . It’s a tale of car innovation, its ups and downs, and how the EV industry has changed in the years since.

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