The new Apple Pencil Pro gets its first discount, plus the rest of the week’s best tech deals

As we do every Friday, we’ve rounded up the best tech deals we can find. We’ve seen sale prices on some of our recommended headphones in the audio department Anchor and Beats. Discounts on Apple gear include all-time low prices on the 15-inch 2024 MacBook Air laptop, new Apple Pencil Pro stylus and (Product) RED Apple Watch. You can get our favorite deals for your home mesh Wi-Fi system and charging docks from both Anchor and Belkin. If all this talk of shopping has you thinking about finances, you might want to check out the half-price subscription. Accelerate simplificationour current the best choice for budget software. Here are the best tech deals you can still get this week.


The ultimate stylus for iPads Apple Pencil Pro currently on Amazon for $119. That’s only $10 off its original price, but it’s the first discount on the new accessory since launch. last month. The new Pencil Pro recognizes squeezes, which can trigger actions like bringing up app-specific tool palettes and shortcuts, and gives you haptic feedback as you use it. It can also detect barrel roll for more accuracy as you shoot.

The introduction of the new stylus brings Apple’s Pencil offerings to four. And if you’re wrong Apple Pencil lineup, You are not alone. As for this new Pro model, it will only work with four new iPads: 11 and 13-inch iPad Air (M2) and 11 and 13-inch iPad Pro (M4).

$119 on Amazon

Photo: Cherlynn Low / Engadget

If you don’t mind (or kind of like) the (Product’s) RED box and band, you 41mm Apple Watch Series 9 $299, a full $100 off full price and 25 percent off.

Apple Watch Series 9 available 92 in our review Thanks to new features like Double Tap and Raise To Speak. This is our fOverall I love the smartwatch and our top pick Three models of Apple. It integrates seamlessly with your iPhone, giving you multiple notifications and response options without having to reach for your phone.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 It’s priced at $719, down from $799, with adventure features like a depth sensor and a display that can reach 3,000 nits of brightness.

$299 on Amazon


The Anker Soundcore Space A40 the earbuds are down to $49, a savings of $31 off the full price. We named them our top pick for a budget-friendly set of buds, as they provide features such as EQ adjustment, bounce resistance, active noise cancellation and a decent transparency mode. Moreover, the sound itself is pleasant and warm.

The mic quality isn’t that great, so you don’t get the best call performance, and the buds won’t automatically pause your music when you remove one of the buds. Still, it’s a great deal for a decent set of buds.

$49 on Amazon

Photo: Billy Steele / Engadget

The Beats Fit Pro headphones Reduced to $159 from the $200 list price. That’s a dollar less than they were going for earlier this year, and is in line with last year’s Black Friday price. These are our choices best workout headphones and our top pick headphones for running. They’re rated for IPX4 water resistance so they can run through the rain and sweaty HIIT sessions, plus they’re comfortable, have a six-hour battery life, and can be used for an extra 21 hours from the charging case.

Of course, they are more expensive final offer From Beats, but even at a bargain price of just $80, we weren’t blown away by the new Solo Buds – if you can afford to upgrade to the Fit Pro model, you’ll be glad you did.

If you are looking for headphones, please note Beats Studio Pro is also on sale and currently marked down to $180. That’s 49 percent off and about $10 more than the lowest price we’ve seen.

$159 on Amazon

Photo: Daniel Cooper / Engadget

Ours top choice TP-Link’s Deco XE75 for Wi-Fi 6E networking system is currently on sale for just $290 for a set of three. That’s after 31 percent off and a $20 clickable coupon. Taken together, this is the lowest price we’ve seen on the set so far.

We love how it balances power and user convenience, bringing fast connections to places in your home that may have been previously blighted. We gave it 87 overview, touting its high speed, easy setup, and affordability. Our only gripe is the software could be polished a bit more. Also the cable is a little short, but after the $160 discount, that’s something you can probably overlook.

$290 on Amazon


Speed ​​it up

we called Accelerate simplification our favorite budgeting app After Mint shut down earlier this year. Currently, a one-year subscription is available for $2 per month, with an annual fee of $24. We already thought it was the best budget app for the price, and now it’s even more true.

We appreciate the clean and simple interface and the ease of connecting with your financial institutions. You can even invite a partner or financial advisor to co-manage your account – not all services allow this. While we wish it had Zillow integration like other apps, it’s a minor annoyance.

$24 at Quicken

Photo: Valentina Palladino / Engadget

Anchor PowerConf C200 2K the webcam is down to $48 after 20 percent off. That’s a price that’s come back often over the past few months, but it’s a good deal on a camera we’ve called the best budget option of our time. guide to webcams.

It shoots 2K video, which is probably more than most people need for video conferencing, and you can even control the resolution. We found it a little difficult to get the right position, but the customizations (using Anker’s software) and good picture quality make up for it, especially at this price.

$48 on Amazon


An upright version of one of our picks multi-device charging pad, Belkin’s MagSafe 3-in-1 stand, which is currently 27 percent off, bringing it down to just $110. This model is a well-reviewed unit that has earned a spot in the personal collection of at least one Engadget employee.

With it, you can simultaneously charge your Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods anywhere without cables. Just make sure your devices are compatible – it’ll work with iPhone 12 or newer, 3rd generation AirPods, or AirPods Pro. All series of Apple watches must be charged at the stand. We noticed that it falls short of the promised 15 watts of power to charge an iPhone, but it still charges faster than most non-Qi2 chargers.

$110 on Amazon


Apple’s extensive search network makes AirTag one of the best ways to find your lost items while traveling. Currently, a four packs of discs They are back up to $80, a price they have hit several times in the past. Still, this is a good opportunity to save close to $20 off the list price.

We named it AirTag The best Bluetooth tracker for iPhone users in our guide to these fobs, thanks to Apple’s massive search network that calls every nearby iPhone to anonymously search for your lost items. It’s not as responsive with loud or laggy signals as our top pick. Chiplolo — if you’re not interested in community-supported tracking, you can buy a four-pack of them for $75.

$80 on Amazon

Photo Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

The 15.3 inch version The MacBook Air is down to $1,129 or $1,489 for the base model on Amazon. Configuration with 16 GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. Both deals represent all-time lows; the former is $170 less than buying directly from Apple, and the latter is $210 off. The 15-inch Air is essentially the same as the 13-inch version, just with a larger screen and a better speaker system. It scored 90 points in our review. – Jeff Dunn, Senior Correspondent for Buying Advice

$1,129 at Amazon


Apple’s latest MacBook Pros are also on sale. The 14.2 inch version Get the M3 Pro chip, 18GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD for $1,699 at Amazon and B&H. That’s $300 off Apple’s list price, $100 below the street price we’ve seen on Amazon for the past few months, and an all-time low. The 16.3 inch model also on sale for the low price of $2,199, a similar discount. This model has the same basic specs, although it has a slightly more powerful 12-core CPU (instead of the 11-core chip in the 14-inch model) and 18-core GPU (instead of a 14-core block).

We gave away both M3 MacBook Pros review score 90 last November. They’re more laptops than most people need, but should make sense for 3D designers, video editors, and other professional types willing to pay for more power, a richer mini-LED display, and a wider selection of ports. Both models have excellent battery life, but the 16-inch lasts slightly longer.

Note that Apple has already introduced the new M4 chip the new iPad Pros, so it’s only a matter of time before all those MacBooks are refreshed. according to Bloomberg report earlier this year Pros could be renewed could arrive late this year or early 2025, while the new Airs could arrive in the spring of next year. That said, none of the current laptops are going to slow down anytime soon, so these are good deals if you need to upgrade today. – Jeff Dunn, Senior Correspondent for Buying Advice

$1,699 at Amazon


Amazon subsidiary Woot is running a three-month sale Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription for $34.49 and one-month subscription for $11.79. The service usually costs $17 per month, with the first month available for $1 if you’re a new member. These aren’t the biggest discounts we’ve seen yet, but the three-month deal essentially gives you a bonus month at no extra cost. Woot has discounted the lower levels Game Pass Core subscriptions earlier this week, but have since sold out, so you might want to act fast here. The offer is valid for both new and existing subscribers.

As an upgrade, Game Pass Ultimate gives access a a large library almost all first-party releases of games on consoles, PC and cloud streaming, including Xbox. It also allows you to play online multiplayer. A subscription makes the most sense if you want to play a wide variety of games instead of sticking to the same small handful. The Xbox library as a whole isn’t as full of must-play exclusives as the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5, but Game Pass still covers a lot of games. games we likeso if you have a few things waiting for summer, this is a decent chance to save. – Jeff Dunn, Senior Correspondent for Buying Advice

$34 at Woot

Photo: Billy Steele / Engadget

Beats just introduced a new one Solo 4 headphones over a month ago, but the pair of headphones has already dropped to $130 at various retailers. That’s $70 off the Apple subsidiary’s MSRP, $20 off the wireless network’s sale price over the past few weeks, and a new minimum price. A mating pack earphones two years AppleCare+ protection also sells for $150.

We gave Solo 4 a 79 points in our view. Battery life is their main feature as they can last for over 50 hours on a charge. In addition, they have nice even sound and support wired playback via USB-C or 3.5mm cable. There aren’t many wireless headphones these days, so if you like this form factor, this is one of the better bets. That said, if you have a bigger head and everything is light on features without ANC, multi-device connectivity (on iOS), wear detection, transparency mode or EQ, the design can be tight. But if you like style and fit, the Solo 4 is $130 more palatable than $200. – Jeff Dunn, Senior Correspondent for Buying Advice

$130 on Amazon

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