Neopets is back with a new storyline that’s meant to foster inclusivity

Neopets has been trying to regain a significant user base once in the past year reboots its classic games, timely events and releasing new features meant attracting people back to the virtual website. Neopets today launches a new storyline – or as the website calls it, a new “plot” – is a site event that typically requires players to solve puzzles, battle opponents in the Battledome, and other activities to participate in. Neopets says it has spent the past three years crafting a narrative for The Hollow Within that will “resonate with players from all walks of life.”

The storyline will feature a new protagonist named Nyx, who will embark on a journey with players to explore “themes of community, family, inclusion, well-being and identity.” Together, Neopets will have to find a way to banish the gray curse that kills all colors in the universe. As part of the event, players will gain access to new items such as a number of different hairstyles for their characters, as well as pride and accessibility customization options. The website also removed outdated terms and lore used years ago, gave the Library Faerie a wheelchair, and introduced new social media mascots with accessibility features like hearing aids.

The Void Within starts airing today, with more episodes coming one by one until early 2025. Neopets also recommends that old players log in if they haven’t visited in recent years, as this removes accounts that have been inactive for ten years. until October, on the eve of its 25th anniversary.

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