Apple Pay Later is dead, long live Affirm loans

“Apple Pay Later” does not apply. Company confirmed for TechCrunch It said Monday it killed the service after just two years first announced at WWDC 2022 – and only seven months later It became available to everyone in the United States.

This was reported by the company its developer conference last week credits through third-party service Affirm will come to Apple Pay later this year, so the two would be redundant. “Users in the US will be able to apply for credit directly through Affirm when they pay with Apple Pay,” the company said he wrote In a post in the newsroom after the WWDC keynote.

according to TechCrunch, Pay Later is now disabled as an option when checking out with Apple Pay and will not accept any new credits moving forward. However, those with current payment plans can still access those plans through the Wallet app.

“Starting later this year, users around the world will be able to access installment loans offered through credit and debit cards, as well as through lenders,” Apple wrote in a statement to TechCrunch. “With the introduction of this new global installment loan offering, we will no longer offer Apple Pay in the US later”

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