Google Chrome on Android can now read webpages aloud

Chrome on Android has a new feature called “Listen to this page” that lets you read a web page aloud from within the app, Google said. help document noted by 9 to 5 Google. This long-awaited feature should increase accessibility for the app and make it easier to listen to web pages while you’re busy doing something else.

This feature isn’t supported by all websites, but if it is, you’ll find “Listen to this page” in the three-dot menu at the top right of the Chrome app. The new feature offers podcast-like controls, allowing you to play, pause, swipe, change playback speed, and skip forward or backward 10 seconds. So far it works in English, French, German, Arabic, Hindi and Spanish.

As well as text highlighting, there are options for different voices in each language, including four in the US and two in the UK. The control panel remains docked when you open other tabs, and playback will continue if you lock your screen with Chrome in the foreground.

The new feature is rolling out gradually as part of Chrome 125, so it may take some time to reach your corner of the world. Google Assistant has been able to read web pages aloud for a while now, but the new feature adds another way to do it.

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