Perfect Dark reboot trailer shows Joanna Dark hunting bad guys in a near-future Cairo

It’s been a long time since we learned this Perfect Darkness reboot was in the works, and finally there are some fresh signs of life. While there is no release date or window yet, a gameplay trailer was revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase.

Xbox is touting the reboot as a “first-person secret agent thriller set in a near-future world” that incorporates immersive sim and stealth action elements. Based on this first look, the co-developers may have received the Initiative and the brief.

The clip shows Joan of Arc descending into a near-future version of Cairo in search of a bad guy who has a radioactive device. He can draw witches’ voice tracks to open voice-activated door locks, and shoot walls to raise drain pipes and gain extra distance for jumps. In addition to shooting enemies with weapons, Joanna also has some hand-to-hand combat skills.

according to Xbox Wire blog post, you’ll have a number of switch skills and gadgets at your disposal, so you’ll be able to choose how to complete missions. I’m a little confused that there is no sign of the laptop gun.

The blog post also notes that “at the broadest level Perfect Darkness will be a single player experience.” This could be a hint that there will be multiplayer modes as well. Fingers crossed like the original. Perfect Darkness was a better multiplayer shooter Golden eye 007.

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