Compulsion Games’ South of Midnight will arrive in 2025

South of midnightfirst revealed at last year’s Summer Game Fest, and will launch on Xbox and PC sometime next year. In today’s Xbox showcase, we got our first look at how the third-person action-adventure will play.

Immediately it reminds me of Square Enix’s fun but flawed game forgotten. In South of midnight, the main character, Hazel, seems to be drawn into a “Southern Gothic world” where reality and fantasy blur. Hazel is able to move fluidly through the environment, with the new trailer showing off her gliding skills, double jumps, and some sort of magic hook to speed up level navigation.

We have and still have more cutscenes to help flesh out this world To the spider verse Exciting frame rate gimmick to separate cutscenes from in-game action You’ll be able to fight monsters up close with magical blade attacks and other mid-range weapons. Oh, it looks like you befriend and ride a giant catfish around your magical bay.

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