Battle Vision Network is Capy’s spiritual successor to Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

The next title from Capybara Games – the studio behind it Super Time Power, Below and Grinding stone — is a competitive, online puzzle game with real-time strategy and color-matching mechanics, live updates, and a seasonal story shaped by players. It is called Battle Vision Networkand heading to PC and mobile devices in 2025.

Battle Vision Network feels like an encapsulation of Capy’s sensibilities over 20 years as an independent game studio. It’s as adorable as a Saturday-morning-cartoon OK KO! Let’s play heroes. Based on color matching tactics, e.g Grinding stone. Featuring music by longtime Capy collaborator Jim Guthrie (Sword and Sword, Below) and Grinding stone composer Sam Webster. And finally, it’s a similar one-on-one puzzle battle Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. in the announcement video for BVNdirector Dan Vader described the new game as a spiritual successor Clash of heroes with an emphasis on multiplayer combat.

BVN has drop-down sections with special abilities and a list of customizable characters. The environments in it BVN weird and bright, filled with alien creatures, an enthusiastic astronaut audience, and at least one talking skeleton. The game features several intergalactic teams, each with its own unique vibe, captain, and engagement style. Each season, players will determine the champion by competing under the banner of their chosen team and accumulating points in the overall pool, influencing statistics, events and story outcomes for everyone.

Capy is being built BVN accessible yet deep, with hours of replayability baked into its design. Netflix will distribute iOS and Android versions of the game, meaning it should be available to all Netflix subscribers at no extra cost.

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