The best Father’s Day tech gift ideas

Look, if your dad is anything like mine, then they probably aren’t a massive gamer, or they might just play the odd title. I’ve been told that there’s a whole genre of Daddy Games that apparently appeals to the fathers in our lives that involve following some kind of process. They probably won’t pay much attention then The Legend of Zelda The series feels like an un-Ata game as you can imagine. So I felt the same until earlier this year, but I’m here to say it I have since opened my eyes to how amazing it is. Even better, it’s a new title in the Zelda series, Tears of the kingdomI urge you all to check it out.

You play as Link, who has to save a princess like Mario countless times throughout history. It usually involves traversing a beautiful, unspoiled paradise called Hyrule, which is littered with all kinds of monsters that want to kill you. From the outside, you might think that this isn’t just a grandpa-friendly genre, just button mashing and hyperactive combat. But actually, the game focuses more on puzzle solving and lateral thinking and has some of the best 3D puzzles this side of gaming. Portal This series makes it ideal for fathers all over the world. Not to mention the freedom to solve the game however you want, giving you the option to build your own rather than being forced to follow Nintendo’s requirements.

In the last game, Breath of the Wild, using the game’s physics and chemistry engines, you can dispatch troublesome enemies by using the environment against them. For example, you can freeze them and increase their kinetic energy so much that they are sent miles away from you. Or if you approach them in the middle of a storm, you can raise metal swords in anger and unleash a bolt of lightning. It’s where you can find scattered electronic components and assemble them, but you can also hire a jury to help you navigate around. I mean, what could be more Dad Game than that?

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