Sony’s Astro Bot is getting the Mario-like adventure it deserves

Sony’s beloved robot mascot is getting a new game. In his time PlayStation status On Thursday, Sony released a trailer for its upcoming PS5 game Astro Bot. A 3D Mario-esque title, the sequel to the beloved pack, Astro game roomcoming on September 6th.

The trailer sees our friend Astro wading through ponds full of pink flamingos, battling Bionic Commando-like platformers, and summoning the PS5 console to help fight a giant green alien in a UFO. In a nod to the old-school PlayStation, the trailer even includes a cameo from Rapper PaRappa.

Sony describes Astro Bot as a “grand adventure” spanning six galaxies and 80 levels as you search for your lost crew. You’ll have more than 15 new abilities, and like its predecessor, the DualSense controller will act as a showcase for the various sensors and haptics.

Astro Bot It will be available for pre-order on June 7 ahead of the September 6 release date.

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