Sony is working on a PC adapter for the PlayStation VR2

he promised to release earlier this year From the shackles of the PS5 . With the company apparently working on a PC adapter for the headset, we’re starting to get a fuller picture of what that might look like.

A recently By VR and mixed reality enthusiast Brad Lynch (as noted by ) shows that the company has created such a periphery. There are no details on how the adapter works, what it looks like, or how much it will cost, but it’s reliable. previous evidence the headset will have a wired PC connection.

It’s not clear what kind of connection Sony is looking at here. Unlike him , the PS VR2 connects to the PS5 with a single USB-C cable. Meta Quest headphones use USB 3 for connection . Perhaps Sony is trying to tap the DisplayPort or HDMI ports to improve image fidelity.

The company will hope that PC support will help boost sales of its headphones . PS is VR2 hardware , but several factors held it back, including the limited game library via the PS5. Users will have a wider selection of VR games to access on PC.

As it turns out, the PS VR2 is currently $100 off as a part Sony’s Days of Play sale. Discount applies to both standalone headset (Reduced from $550 to $450) and Horizon: Call of the Mountain package containing It fell to 500 dollars.

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