Netflix’s cozy take on Animal Crossing hits Android and iOS in June

There’s another entry coming soon to Netflix’s mobile gaming lineup. Cozy Grove: Spirit of Camp2021 Animal Crossing-esque sequel Cozy GroveIt will come to Android and iOS platforms on June 25.

The Cozy Grove The sequel is the first game developer Spry Fox Since Netflix got it Studio in 2022. In the game, you will embark on a high-risk mission to help ghostly bears improve their haunted island. The developer describes it as a “heartwarming adventure” where you’ll experience “new activities, new ghost stories, new furry companions with their own stories and abilities, and much more.”

Netflix’s mobile gaming portfolio has grown exponentially since it began playing in the arena in 2017. Stranger Things connection. Netflix now has a list of “nearly 100” mobile games. Cozy Grove: Spirit of Camp It will be the third game from an in-house studio after the streaming service began scooping up indie studios, including Spry Fox. Night school studioBoss Fight Entertainment and Next Games. This too Construction studios in Helsinki and Los Angeles, where Working on a AAA game.

You can pre-register for the game Google Play and App Store and check out the trailer for the chilling title below.

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