Apple is battling a $2 billion EU fine over App Store practices

has formally contested a 1.8 billion euro ($1.95 billion) antitrust fine imposed by the European Union, according to the report. block After finding that Apple restricted competing music streaming services in the App Store a .

Then Apple Appealing against the decision, arguing that the EU had “not produced any convincing evidence of consumer harm”. Bloomberg reports that Apple has now filed a lawsuit to overturn the ruling.

In addition to the fine, the EU ordered Apple to stop preventing rival music streaming platforms from telling users they can sign up for their services at a lower price away from the App Store. He argued that Apple would have to raise subscription prices to cover the costs of how it operates the App Store. Spotify doesn’t make it possible to upgrade to Premium directly through the iOS app, though — that means paying a fee to Apple. For its part, Apple says that Spotify does not pay it anything, although the latter has access to its APIs, beta testing tools, etc.

Spotify’s complaint was before the Digital Markets Act came into force. The law stops established gatekeepers — including Apple and Google, the operator of the Play Store — prohibiting developers from telling users about cheaper ways to pay for their products outside of app markets. EU currently on their compliance with this aspect of the law.

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