This machine makes your frozen dreams come true

Unless you work in the food service industry Ninja Cream unlike any other ice cream maker you’ve probably used before. This is because, until recently, the engineering powering Creami was owned by Pacojet (acquired by this company. Groupe SEB in 2023), developed expensive devices intended for use in restaurants. But after the patent expired, Ninja took the opportunity to develop a more affordable version for home cooks. While making ice cream in your own kitchen is more of a luxury than a true necessity (I’m sure some would disagree), Kreme makes the process so quick and easy, with surprisingly tasty results, that I hope more people give it a go.

The version I tested for this review is the standard Creami, which costs $200. However, there is a luxury model that costs a touch more than $230. The latter comes with a few extra settings (mostly drinks) for things like slushies and Creamiccinos (whatever), and an updated menu system to match. But the biggest change is that the Deluxe uses larger 24-ounce “pints” instead of the 16-ounce cans you get with the standard model. This means it’s easier to make larger batches for parties or other special occasions, while for smaller mixes you have the option of simply flipping the container up or down as needed.


For people who want a compact machine to make all kinds of frozen treats, Creami delivers more than its $200 price tag might suggest.


  • It is easy to use
  • Mostly machine washable
  • Surprisingly versatile

  • Kind of loud
  • Not the most attractive design

$200 on Amazon

Unlike traditional ice cream makers, Creami doesn’t rely on churning. Instead, you make a liquid ice cream base, freeze it solid (ideally within 24 hours), and then the machine essentially uses a drill press to churn (or churn, in Cream parlance) everything into a thick, delicious treat. The base of the machine is approximately 6.5 inches wide and 16 inches tall. It’s significantly smaller than most old-school ice cream makers, but it’ll still take up some space on your counter, especially for anyone who lives in an older home with lower cabinets. Be sure to measure before purchasing.

In addition to its main body, the Creami comes with an outer container, two plastic pint cups (plus tops), a large lid, and a paddle attachment that does all the heavy lifting. The pints fit inside the outer container, and the paddle is attached to the top of the lid. Then, once you’ve got everything together, you push all the hardware into the bench, turn the handle to lock it in place, and you’re good to go. Sure, it sounds complicated, but if you can use a food processor, you can use Cream. After the first swirl, you can always top off your creativity with some sprinkles, chocolate chips, or whatever else you like, and then hit the stir button to spread everything evenly throughout the pint.

My main complaint is that the Cream gets kind of loud when it’s actively stirred. It’s noisier than a food processor, but slightly quieter than a countertop blender at full blast. The first time I used the cream, my baby covered his ears and ran to another room. But the commotion only lasted a few minutes, and on subsequent attempts it stuck around (although that was probably because all the commotion knew the ice cream was on its way).

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