Apple Vision Pro teardown deconstructs the weird-looking EyeSight display

One Vision Pro The most interesting features are undoubtedly the EyeSight display, which reflects the visual stream of your own eyes to better connect with people in the real world – because eye contact, whether real or virtual, is important. whom iFixit found in tear down, it turns out that Apple used a stereoscopic 3D effect in an attempt to make your virtual eyes look more lifelike, as opposed to the usual “flat” output on a curved OLED panel. This is achieved by stacking an expanding optical layer and a lenticular lens layer over the OLED display, so exposing the panel will show “very oddly squeezed eyes”. The optical nature of the added layers also explains the poor performance of the EyeSight display. Feel free to check out the scientific details in the article.

Although iFixit needs to do more analysis before giving the Vision Pro repairability, so far we already know that the front glass panel “took a lot of heat and time” to separate from the main body. That said, the overall modular design — especially the speakers and external battery — deserves some points. As always, head on over iFixit for some great close-ups of the disassembly process.

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